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How to Successfully Manage Your Company’s Digital Transformation by Overcoming the Digital Skills Gap

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Internet of Things (IoT): SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service - Condition Monitoring

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SAP HANA Vora – Enhance your SAP S/4HANA Reporting capabilities with Big Data Analysis on Hadoop

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An espresso break is a great way to clear your mind and compile new energy for great ideas. To provide the same effect without the caffeine, SAP and its partners offer a series of free Espresso webinars. Our live and recorded webinars are designed to give you unique updates and perspectives on exciting subjects.

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E-Invoicing: Entering a new era - Billentis Webinar with Bruno Koch

Bruno Koch, author of the E-Invoicing Report 2015 will highlight the outcomes of his annual report in our 45 min. Webinar. This webinar is particularly interesting for decision makers in Finance/Accounts Payable who want to replace expensive and paper-bound invoice processes with modern and automated processes.

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BW on HANA Faster and at Lower Cost with SPS10

How can Business Warehouse on SAP HANA boost your profitability? How is it possible to migrate BW to SAP HANA to get faster? In the webinar we deliver a bright overview including the experience of a reference customer. Take a look!

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