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Monitor and manage smart, simple interfaces with SAP Application Interface Framework – for business

The SAP Application Interface Framework tool empowers business users to monitor interfaces and troubleshoot issues – without the help of IT – as well as customize authorizations to protect sensitive data. Providing automatic error-notification alerts and user-friendly transactions for interface monitoring, error handling, and error correction directly from within the application system, the tool gives users a single way to monitor and handle messages regardless of the interface technology.

Target audience

SAP Business Users, Head of Risk/Compliance/Data Protection, SAP Program/Project Manager, Head of SAP Applications/IT Strategy, Operations Leader/Member.


Learn about SAP Application Interface Framework and its latest benefits for business users, and see a demo to get acquainted with its look and feel.

Basic information


Markus Gille
Global Product Owner SAP
Application Interface Framework

Ray Kowalski & Derik Seute


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Recording, 04/20/2016

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