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Digital Farming: The Future of Agriculture

In the development of new business models for an increasingly connected world, the ability to merge various forms of expertise in networks is growing more and more important. Doing so is the only way to create innovations and new approaches that would be impossible to implement separately, but are capable of providing added value to all of the entities involved. Here, SAP's digital farming app provides farmers with a means of collaborating and sharing data in order to increase the effectiveness of their methods and ensure maximum resource efficiency.
In this webinar, you will learn how to collect data on weather and soil conditions, farm implement telemetry, and past farming activities and transform it into real-time recommendations using analytics tools from SAP.

This event is part of the "IoT with SAP Services" webinar series.

Target audience

This webinar is geared toward decision-makers and experts in agriculture, chemistry, and the production of food and other consumer goods.


This webinar is designed to provide information on SAP's approach to digitalizing agriculture.

Basic information


Mirjam Metzler
Product Manager IoT Moving Assets
SAP Deutschland SE & Co.KG


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