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Internet of Things (IoT): SAP Asset Intelligence Network and SAP Leonardo Jump Start Service

SAP Asset Intelligence Network is a cloud-based network hosted by SAP where manufacturers, asset owners, operators, regulators and service providers can connect to each other. Content related to assets can be shared and stored in the network, and maintenance and service applications can be delivered through the network. Customers purchase a subscription to the network.
With the SAP Leonardo Jump Start Service you can explore, prototype and implement the SAP Asset Intelligence Network solution quickly and cost-effective.

Target audience

Plant Maintenance Consultants, IT Managers, IoT Consultants, Asset Management Consultants, Asset Managers, Decision makers and employees working in the business area of plant and asset maintenance


Learn about the cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology of SAP Asset Intelligence Network and how to implement this solution with the service offering from SAP.

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Subhakanth Reddy
Principle Enterprise Architect


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10/25/2017, 09.30 - 10.10 am UTC+2

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